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nehir tuna

Dedeler En Iyisini Bilir

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When Ali's father hires a new secretary, she awakens desires in Ali that the shy 22 year old never knew he had. But working for his father, his mother reminding him he's the right age to marry, and trying to be a good Muslim complicates things. Now he must choose between family duty and true love. Can you really make yourself and your family happy at the same time? 


Sercan Badur

Didem Ellialti

Nursel Kose

Koksal Engur

Murat Karasu

Written and Directed by Nehir Tuna

Produced by

Nehir Tuna

Janet Bayer

Director of Photography Mingjue Hu

Executive Producer: Berk Tunali

Co- Producers: Omer Fener, Roger Silverstein

Associate Producer: Marilyn Horowitz

Assistant Director: Selda Yıldırım, Zeliha Orman

Production Designer Nadide Argun

Wardrobe Stylist : Tugba Kuzdere

UPM: Aslı Çökük

Production Assistant:Dorukhan Eroğlu


Designer / VFX Artist:Can Büyükberber,


VFX Supervisor: Ehtiram Najafov

Makyör: Esat Zeyni

Makyöz: Merve Zeyni