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nehir tuna

Virgin Island

shorts feature commercials | bio contact

Skating, lingerie, pianos, ghost stories, music box, lady bug... All gimmicks to distract the mind, according to Lev. Lev, a skater and Igor, would be a pianist are friends working at a resort for summer. There Lev experiences love for the first time. This new found love strains their friendship with tragic results?


Lev L, Igor I, Erin E.

Written and Directed by Nehir Tuna


Ad: Ann Lori

Gaffer: Nate Dominic

Sound: Jack Webby

Editor: Nehir Tuna

Sound Disagner: Ferdi Ozbatum

Color Correction: Safak Film

special thanks

Tasha, Colleen, Heather, Jedideh, Bernard, Deborah, Staton, Roger, Ozge, Burcu, Betty, Bulent, Patrick, Orcun.