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nehir tuna

Mary's Bathroom Camp

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Tom's plans for moving out are ruined when Mary locks herself into the bathroom and refuses to leave. Tom has stucked among girlfriend, noisy neighbor and potential buyers. When Mary hasn't been seen for long time, her neighbor begins to get suspicious. Is Tom a loving boyfriend or a heartless murderer?


Rachel Soloman - Mary

Michael Herman - Tom

Stephanie Sauer- Jane

Davida Bloom- The Mother

Jill Brice - Potential Tenant

Michael Clark - Police Officer

Written & Directed by Nehir Tuna

Director of Photography: Jeremiah Franco

Ac: John Hardwick

Gaffer: Luke Northrop

Sound: Miles Baird, Max Phillips, Bryan Roberts, Bin Li

Art Direction: John Ruggles

Storyboard: Wei-Kang Chon, Gayane Bagdasaryan

Telecine: Kyle Alvut

special thanks

Roger Silverstein, Malcolm Spaull, Adrianne Caraogeorge, Leslie Zink, Lovincup, Mike Sofia, Abbott's Custard Park Point, John Ruggles, Mert Ozgur, Mom & Dad